Original Programming / by Matt Brundige

Having worked on 2 episodes of HGTV's 'Cool Pools', I've been blessed with the opportunity to be the lead editor for the second season of The Cooking Channel's 'Chuck's Eat The Street'.  OP (Original Programming) is a unique beast.  There is so much familiarity yet none at all at the same time.  The goal is to tell a story and even though some of the tools are the same, the equation is a bit different.  The knowledge that is gained when working in new formats is priceless.  I will say, the most important thing in every format, genre etc. is ORGANIZATION.  When ever anyone asks me what I think the most important thing is when it comes to being an editor, I tell them,"The most important thing before you get started on a project is to put the excitement of the edit aside.  Organize your assets, create a clear folder structure, organize your project bins and sequences, sync all of your cameras and audio, go through all of your footage and pull out all of your selects.  Once you've done all of that, grab that excitement and edit away.  When you're not hindered in the edit by organization etc. the creativity flows smoothly and you will always come out with a better product!"