Cattle Barons Ball - Fence Line :30 / by Matt Brundige

Cancer sucks. It destroys things. Cells, organs, life. So we fight it because there’s really nothing else to do other than give up, and that’s just not the way we’re wired. Instead, we have massive fundraising events like the Cattle Baron’s Ball and try to support men and women who know a lot more about cancer than we do. The American Cancer Society funds a lot of men and women who fit that description.

Several of us had worked directly with ACS at a previous agency, developing the videos for Relay for Life, so when TracyLocke came to us in August we were excited for the opportunity to be involved.

Bryan Faux (CD), Chris Rainey (ACD), Sherry Krekeler (ACD), Jeff Richey (Writer), and the team at TracyLocke had developed a great concept around this year’s Rhinestone Cowboy theme. They laid out their vision for the piece, delivered some rough storyboards, and we went back and put together our plan to execute.