Brundige Creative is ALIVE! (for over a year now) by Matt Brundige

No excuse for not updating this section ever.

As of January 2015 'Brundige Creative' has been hard at work.  I have had the honor and privilege to shoot, interview and document Barbara Bush's 90th birthday weekend in Maine, create videos for HP with my buddy Chris Grissom (, develop and produce with Corey Jones a book launch trailer for Robert W. Jordan's: Desert Diplomat (, shoot and edit on countless higher education and non-profit projects and much much more.  Most recently I have produced a branding video for a new and really cool fashion line.  More to come on that later.  I've been so blessed with the amazing people I get to meet and work with and the wide variety of projects!

Original Programming by Matt Brundige

Having worked on 2 episodes of HGTV's 'Cool Pools', I've been blessed with the opportunity to be the lead editor for the second season of The Cooking Channel's 'Chuck's Eat The Street'.  OP (Original Programming) is a unique beast.  There is so much familiarity yet none at all at the same time.  The goal is to tell a story and even though some of the tools are the same, the equation is a bit different.  The knowledge that is gained when working in new formats is priceless.  I will say, the most important thing in every format, genre etc. is ORGANIZATION.  When ever anyone asks me what I think the most important thing is when it comes to being an editor, I tell them,"The most important thing before you get started on a project is to put the excitement of the edit aside.  Organize your assets, create a clear folder structure, organize your project bins and sequences, sync all of your cameras and audio, go through all of your footage and pull out all of your selects.  Once you've done all of that, grab that excitement and edit away.  When you're not hindered in the edit by organization etc. the creativity flows smoothly and you will always come out with a better product!"

UPDATE!!! by Matt Brundige

I really need to get better at this "staying up to date" thing.  There's been a lot going on since the Masters and I can't begin to list all of the amazing opportunities.  So I will just start with what I've been up to recently.  I've been freelancing for AMS Studios in Dallas.  My role thus far has been editing original programming for HGTV.  The show that I've been cutting is called "Cool Pools".  On January 1, 2013 the first episode we have completed at AMS aired.  It was a real treat to see a full hour long show broadcast of our hard work.  Although familiar with the documentary genre, this has been a great learning experience.  Another vital tool in my kit.  I'm helping finish up our second episode and will then be moving onto other shows.  I'll do my best to keep this up to date.

The Masters - @ Augusta National by Matt Brundige

It's been a while since my last update.  Things have been busy.  I just got home Monday the 9th from Augusta National.  I was a video editor for in which we edited and posted feature and highlight content.  It was an amazing experience and an absolutely gorgeous place.  Because this was a high profile gig with a well run, strong on tradition and owner of everything that's produced on site I will not be able to post any of my work from there.  You can however go to or download the mobile and/or iPad to view the features and highlights sections under the video tab.  It was such an honor to be a part of such a big and well run event and I will remember it always.

Cattle Barons Ball - Fence Line :30 by Matt Brundige

Cancer sucks. It destroys things. Cells, organs, life. So we fight it because there’s really nothing else to do other than give up, and that’s just not the way we’re wired. Instead, we have massive fundraising events like the Cattle Baron’s Ball and try to support men and women who know a lot more about cancer than we do. The American Cancer Society funds a lot of men and women who fit that description.

Several of us had worked directly with ACS at a previous agency, developing the videos for Relay for Life, so when TracyLocke came to us in August we were excited for the opportunity to be involved.

Bryan Faux (CD), Chris Rainey (ACD), Sherry Krekeler (ACD), Jeff Richey (Writer), and the team at TracyLocke had developed a great concept around this year’s Rhinestone Cowboy theme. They laid out their vision for the piece, delivered some rough storyboards, and we went back and put together our plan to execute.

MAINE - SUMMER 2011 by Matt Brundige

On this trip we stayed with Joe and Priscilla in a rental home that was beautifully set on 5 acres of oceanfront property on the island of Islesboro.


Coldplay - Strawberry Swing

The SOLD Project by Matt Brundige

On March 24th 2011 a community of people from Dallas came together to learn and become part of The SOLD Project.  Their mission is to prevent child prostitution through culturally relevant programs for vulnerable children and to share their stories to empower creative, compassionate people to act.

Sex Sells. Children. Help Stop It Before It Begins.

I Can't Believe I Forgot To Post This. by Matt Brundige

This is one of my favorite non-profit pieces I've ever been a part of making.  The level of freedom in creativity that the client allowed us was definitely a breath of fresh air.  Together, our team captured the emotion and need for "L.A.'s Best".  And on a side note, this piece was created long before the AT&T commercial that, I believe, used our idea.

Westminster College Shoot by Matt Brundige


It was a long day today in Fulton, MO.  With a couple of minor hiccups, I believe we were able to capture what we wanted to achieve.  Our clients Donald and Jeni were great hosts and helped in whatever capacity they were needed.  Look forward to getting back to the big 'D' and start the post process.

Editing. Art form or drag and drop? by Matt Brundige

Ran across a great quote the other day. For all of us editors out there that sometimes have a lull and start questioning whether what we're doing is anything special, I hope this ignites the fire.
"Film editing is now something almost everyone can do at a simple level and enjoy it, but to take it to a higher level requires the same dedication and persistence that any art form does."
-Walter Murch

American Cancer Society Shoot by Matt Brundige


Started this morning on set at 6am with the mercury topping out at 33*F.  We shot 3 web spots for "Relay for Life" with the help of a motion control rig provided by camBLOCK.  A huge THANKS to everyone who came out and donated their time and warmth for such a great cause.  Stay tuned for the final products.